Buying a property is a crucial decision, as is the registration process. The registration process is well defined and is subject to some important documents and formalities that must be followed. If you follow all the steps above, you can easily register your property in Kerala. Before concluding the whole thing with the owner (seller), you must hire a lawyer specializing in kerala registry rules to obtain a legal title report on their property, which you have predetermined upon purchase, and it can also give detailed steps for the registration of real estate. The legal title report is based on all the general and relevant information collected. Normally, 3-5 working days are required to prepare a legal report. This legal report will be a reference for the future and will make your real estate listing a little easy. Now you need a sales statement that you can easily design by a professional and sagacious person to get an error-free act. The Certificate of Charge (EC) is considered an important and binding document for the registration of real estate in Kerala. The document means that the ownership of a property is completely free of any legal complexity. It is important to take into account all the rules of Kerala land registry in order to obtain a clean chit in relation to all the legal formalities. In addition, it is important to take the right advice from the lawyer or the real estate expert.

Step 5: Pay stamp duty and online registration fees if the amount is less than Rs 1 lakh. This is the first and most relevant step in your Kerala real estate registration process. While you are planning to buy a property in Kerala, you must first identify it. If you choose an argument or a false quality and you have spent a sum of humungous on it, that would be the biggest mistake of your life. So you have to choose your property carefully. You can take the help of several websites where you can access a list of properties by entering locations or areas. Once you identify your coveted property, then you should try to negotiate the price, payment method, occupancy and other details with the seller. After all these things, property registration can be done to avoid unwanted difficulties. Also read some common real estate myths. 3. That the property or land in question is free of all kinds of charges and there are no charges such as, sale, gift, mortgage, leasing, pledge, seizure, receivables, etc.

If you have decided to buy a country in Kerala, it means that the land purchased will always remain with you as your fortune. So you need to be very careful and careful during every step of the registration process in Kerala country. In addition, you need to understand the rules and regulations established by the Kerala government ministry for basic registration in Kerala so that you can carry out the entire registration process without stress. Stamp paper can be obtained from the public treasury. The current fee for registration in the Kerala register is 8% for stamp duty, regardless of the area. There will also be an additional fee. Then, depending on the category of the country, you can get the fair value of the land. The selling value should not be less than fair value.

Once the registration is complete, you will receive the receipt for the same. You must keep this receipt carefully, especially in the future, if you want to sell your country, all these documents will be necessary. These will be soil declaration files that may be required for each reference if necessary in the future. Also read the checklist before buying an apartment in Kerala. Below, we include some guidelines that will help you during your basic registration in Kerala, so you don`t have to have an unfavorable situation.