If the conclusion of a transaction with a new customer is not due to the exclusive activity of the sales agent, but also to other commercial agents, the right to commission must be distributed accordingly. This allocation depends in particular on the extent of the service provided by the party interested in closing the transaction. After consultation with the relevant agents, the awarding entity decides, at the discretion of the awarding entity, whether or not to proceed with a distribution, taking due account of the conflicting interests and the exclusion of the Tribunal, if the parties concerned fail to agree on the distribution of the Commission. [1] The standard contract is suitable for the full-time sales agent for goods (not insurance agents); For part-time commercial agents, the law provides for special provisions, art. 92 (b HGB (shorter notice periods; no claim for damages according to . 89 (b HGB, derogation from the .87 a Paragb down payment obligation). If these legal consequences are to be implemented, the commercial agent must be specifically responsible for negotiating or concluding transactions as a «part-time commercial agent» (Article 92 ter, paragraph 2, HGB). However, representation must indeed be exercised as a secondary occupation. Specific provisions also apply to insurance agents and representatives of real estate credit companies (Article 92 HGB) and commercial agents with worker status in the sense of art. 92 HGB. Both the text chosen in the text and the alternative can only be introduced in a legally binding manner if the two contracting parties are traders within the meaning of paragraphs 1 and 2 of the HGB.

If one of the parties is not a merchant, the competent court is subject to the Code of Civil Procedure; The diverging agreements on the places of jurisdiction are then null and void. Both parties are required to comply with the conditions set out in the agency contract they themselves have signed. Signing the agency contract is not enough. Each party must comply with all the provisions of the agency agreement. For example, even if the broker does not sell your property within two months as agreed, this is already considered a violation of the terms of the contract. That is why many problems will arise in the future. While it can be solved through communication, prevention is always better than medications. For this reason, both parties must first comply with the provisions of the agreement in order to avoid undesirable circumstances. Agency agreements can be used if you need someone to represent you in law, manage brokers, manage your accounts, etc. It simply means that there are different types of agreements that you can use for different purposes. Knowing the best type of agency agreement is beneficial to your end, especially as you can already identify the best type of agency contract that meets your needs and meets your requirements.

Get to know some of the usual types of agency agreements listed below. After the introduction of the parties (the captain and the agent) who participate in the agent agreement, you can then indicate the purpose of the agent agreement. For this part of the agreement, you must indicate the purpose of your contract. Please provide details, as the agent is required to follow the customer`s instructions. 21.2 This contract can only be amended by a written agreement of the parties (including e-mail) (including e-mail) (if article [17.4] or equivalent is included: or in accordance with Article [17.4].) While there may be more advantages than disadvantages associated with the use of agency contracts, there are risks. Responsibility is the obvious risk, like most other types of agreements. You are z.B the client, and your agent signed a contract on your behalf without letting you read the terms of the contract.