IRS W-9 Form — Required by subcontractors to prove that the person or institution can work with their name and social security number (SSN) or employer identification number (EIN). An agreement on subcontractors could define the guarantee of the work; However, it depends on the project. Although this part of the document benefits the contractor, it can work for the benefit of the subcontractor. If the work of a subcontractor is solid and well documented, their reputation is in good way. If there is a problem because of a strange accident, it gives the subcontractor the opportunity to repair it and save its reputation. The subcontractor`s role in a construction project is not disclosed and enforced, tainted by the requirements and requirements of general contractors, owners and government authorities, as it meets its own business commitments and tries to make a profit. Often overlooked between «Getting the work» and «getting the work done» is what should be considered as important: the revision of the contract and, if possible, the modification. The contract is not only used to declare rights and obligations between the parties so that everyone knows literally what is expected of them, it is also the only reminder of those rights and obligations and, therefore, it will serve as an undisputed (largely) guide for a court or arbitrator in the event of a dispute between the parties. It is therefore up to the subcontractor to ensure that the contract is adapted to the project and to understand its impact on the most important aspects of the work. From this point of view, we can address nine common contractual provisions that a subcontractor must pay close attention to before signing in the end.

Subcontracts offer a level of risk management for projects and offshoring of work. When a contractor does not use a subcontract for people working with him, that worker becomes a liability for the principal contractor. These agreements help avoid potential legal issues and insurance costs, as well as expectations and industrial relations. The client to whom this document refers is the entity that hired the above contractor. In the second article, «II. The customer, we must identify this third party to complete the language it contains. To do this, we must present the full name of the customer (as it appears in the agreement with the contractor) on the first space. Then we use the following three spaces to present the client`s official postal address. The following article, «III. Services provided,» the products or work that the subcontractor must make available to the subcontractor for the implementation of this agreement should be detailed.