With mutual help, REU was able to restore power to all usable homes by August 2. At one point, a «fire nado» tore off three of the Western Area Power Administration`s steel network transmission structures, leaving one of them like a «crumpled string ball,» WAPA spokeswoman Lisa Meiman said. The American Gas Association offers its members (utilities, transportation companies, and manufacturers/suppliers/service providers) a voluntary, royalty-free self-help program tailored to the diverse needs of its member companies in the United States and Canada. The program is based on a coalition of AGA member companies that agree on a set of basic provisions governing mutual assistance and agree to populate and maintain the AGA`s administrative assistance database with company-specific emergency contact information, on-the-ground capabilities, and other resources important for mutual assistance. The purpose of the AGA programme is to complement local, state and regional mutual assistance programmes and is aimed at unprecedented human or natural disasters that require the use of intervention/recovery and recovery resources outside the limits of existing mutual assistance programmes. Adding the AGM Mutual Assistance Program to a company`s emergency planning portfolio improves advanced planning and results in response efforts in times of extenuating circumstances. In the event of a major emergency in the Pacific Northwest, it is expected that many or all of the parties that have signed this Agreement may be directly involved in the provision of assistance. With the combined support of these parties, it is expected that the impact and duration of an emergency in affected regional markets can be minimized. Background to the Western Region Mutual Assistance Agreement: An emergency response workshop in Reno, Nevada, on October 23, 2002, organized by the California Utilities Emergency Association (CUEA), identified the need for an agreement that crosses California`s borders. A working group was established with representatives from Avista Corporation, Intermountain Gas Company, northWestern Energy, NW Natural, Portland General Electric, Puget Sound Energy, Sierra Pacific Power/Nevada Power, Southern California Edison Company, Terasen Gas Inc. and the Gas Company, which represents WEI members, non-members, electricity and gas companies. This group developed the WRMAA on the model of the CUEA assistance agreement […].