After the tenants eventually evicted, the landlord complained to the agent that her referral process had been flawed, as it had not revealed a number of financial issues that she would not have accepted the lease if she knew. The agent acknowledged some defects, but refused to make an offer corresponding to the loss of rent desired by the lessor. On the day Mr and Mrs F., the potential tenants, visited the property, they paid the agent a deposit of £280. Later that day, the landlord accepted their offer, but the next day Mr. and Mrs. F. withdrew from the proposed lease for unknown reasons and requested the return of their funds. The agent refused and indicated that, under the terms of this payment, the deposit did not become refundable after the acceptance of the offer by the lessor. After the lease ended and the tenant, Miss J, did not receive her surety, she complained that the officer had not informed her of the protection system in which the bond had been registered; that the agent had not advised her on how to challenge the owner`s claims for the surety, and that the agent had paid the surety to the landlord without her consent. In addition, Ms J stated that, despite the request, the agent had not provided her with the name and contact address of the owner within the required time limit. I visit a property for a short period of work, between rental agreements, and if the last tenant has not reported specific problems to us, we have no way of knowing who lives where or how they are. If you think you have sold a property incorrectly in inheritance matters, please contact our team of real estate litigation experts to find out how we can help you claim compensation.

If you think a lease has been sold to you incorrectly, we strongly recommend that you contact our team today to make sure you don`t miss out on compensation to which you are entitled. After the lease, problems with the tenants` credibility arose after a third party requested a refund of £6,700 from their credit card without their permission for the deposit and early rental. The landlords, MPs C. and C., then complained that the broker (mandated only on the basis of a tenant) did not carry out the necessary reference checks of the tenants who, if they had done so, would have unmasked the plaintiffs as serial scammers. A few days after entering the property, Mrs. H., the tenant, came to the house to find the border hedge removed and its landscape view replaced by a considerable construction site related to the neighbor`s construction project. Ms. H. complained to the complainant that if she had known that the land was to be located next to a construction site for a long time, she would not have applied for the lease. The agent argued that they were not aware that construction work was planned and stated that since the owners had already paid ms. H.

an amount of compensation, the matter had already been dealt with. By properly preparing your application and taking a firm but reasonable approach, we are usually able to resolve inheritance misunderstandings through a voluntary agreement with the assigning lawyer who made the sale. This can bring you faster compensation, at a lower cost and with much less effort. Before renting the property, the tenant looked at himself accompanied by the agent`s representative who explained to him that the rent contained all the invoices. After the visit, the tenant asked the representative to confirm what he had to pay, to which she replied that the weekly rent was due in advance and that all bills were included. Not surprisingly, the tenant was then shocked to have received communal tax bills that eventually culminated in a district court ruling against him. The agent`s response was that under the rental agreement he was still required to pay the communal tax.