2 i) j) k) (l) IAR: investment advisor`s representative. including, but not limited to,. person: any natural person, fiduciary or otherwise, or any other person doing the business or a legal person. The SEC designates the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. (m) services are investment advisory services, financial planning, estate planning, non-discretionary and non-discretionary investment management, asset management services and all other services provided by the company in accordance with the company`s ADV. 2 form. Services. (a) the company appoints the company`s AIC representative. (b) As outlined in the company`s compliance manual, the entity will oversee the delivery of services to representatives` clients. The representative submits to this monitoring. (c) The representative will do his best to encourage people to enter into agreements with the company.

Then the representative will provide services to these people. (d) Based on a client`s individual needs and objectives, the representative is solely responsible for determining the respective services of the representative. 3. Compensation. (a) The company pays the representative fifty per cent of the fees he has received from each customer of the representative from time to time. From time to time, the entity may adapt the compensation base to its sole discretion. (b) the company will not pay compensation to the agent for a customer until the company has actually received that customer`s costs. The representative will not have won the payment of such compensation until the company has received the customer`s expenses for the first time. (c) Because of the business practices of the company, the agent has no right to the company.

The entity may, at its sole discretion, refuse to provide services to a potential client without the agent having the right to claim compensation or other amounts. (d) To the extent that current legislation permits, the representative`s allowance may be withheld for up to sixty (60) days at the termination of the representative, so that all amounts due to the company or its related companies can be carried to the representative`s remuneration account. The company may maintain the representative`s compensation for an Addi- -2- 7 (b) any provision of this agreement independently of any other provision of this agreement. In the event that a provision of this agreement is invalidated by an arbitral tribunal or a competent court, the other provisions will be applicable in accordance with their conditions. c) This agreement cannot be ceded by the representative. This agreement may be ceded by the company, provided the assignee agrees to accept this agreement in writing. This agreement is with legal representatives, executors, administrators, rights holders, heirs, distributions, extracts. (d) This agreement is governed by the internal laws of the state in which the company`s head office is located and is interpreted accordingly. (e) This agreement can be executed in one or more counterparties, each of which is considered to be originally, but together form the same agreement.