2. In the case of the electronic document stamp tax system (eDST) user, by branch tax payers who are mandated to pay the web-based eDST system for the payment/transfer of DST debts and the provision of the document-prescribed document stamp and taxpayers who, depending on their choice, pay DST obligations via the eDST system in accordance with tax rules (RR) 7-2009; and leasing is more of a debt than a lease. A kind of commitment that rents personal property. The simple act of credit renewal is already a means of facilitating a bond or paying, on behalf of the lessor, certain assets instead of cash instead of cash in exchange for final amortization to the lessor, including the profit margin. Section 179 of the NIRC, as amended, covers all debt securities. Therefore, any deed, transaction or agreement entered into under the financing lease is subject to the TSD in accordance with this NIRC section as amended. (RMC 46-2014) For the sale of real estate, leases and mortgages, the DST should be paid by the DST to the Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) of the RDO, which is responsible for the location of the property. With respect to loan contracts, the DST must be paid and submitted to the RDO AAB of the person or company that received the loan. Note that if the tax base is incorrect (for example. B the selling price or zonal value is undervalued to reduce the DST), the actual value of the property can be assessed, so that the correct tax can be collected. Please read my previous article on How to Easily Compute DST regarding sample calculations. The DST is paid manually or through the Electronic Storage and Payment System (EFPS) or bulk document stamps for purpose, depending on the type of transaction taxable.

In the past, there was a dosing machine for companies with DST hardware transactions such as banks, but it was later replaced by EFPS. Many documents are those issued on official documents or certificates issued by government authorities. In general, most DST applications for your business are the DST or BIR 2000 manual form or the BIR Form No. 2000-ONETT for one-time real estate transfer transactions. The Minister of Finance adopted Tax Decree 4-2018 of December 19, 2017 to implement the adjustment of the stamp tax rate (DST) provided for by the TRAIN Act. «Section 194. Stamp duty on leases and other leases. — for each lease, contract, memorandum or lease for real estate or real estate or parts of them, a stamp duty of three pesos (P3.00) is levied for the first two thousand pesos (P2,000) or a fraction of them; and an additional peso (P1.00) for each thousand pesos (P1,000) or a fraction of it, on the first two thousand pesos (P2,000) for each year of the duration of this contract or contract. The tax return must be filed within five (5) days from the end of the month in which the taxable document was established, signed, accepted or transferred from the sale of bulk documents, or after being transferred by the holders of the recovery from the sale of bulk documents.