A long-term intervention has no right to a grandfather. Regardless of how long an intervention has taken place, unless it has been formally approved by the city, the intervention must be resolved with current response standards. Once an intervention is approved by the city, the intervention can continue to be used, but it should not be added, rebuilt or modified structurally, except: it has made its request for respect and when the city has responded, guess what? That`s right, they noticed the closing operation and the unauthorized hot tub. As usual, they did not comment on private intervention in the retaining wall, because they see it as a problem between neighbors and not as something they regulate. Here too, my buyer client just wasn`t worried about that 2-inch retaining wall handle that complemented the concrete work and the neighbor`s terrace. The Commission took no action following the receipt of the report. Mayor Nolan Crouse said he intends to discuss this with his senior management and bring something more tangible to the Council. Currently, the city has an employee who issues certificates of compliance, which means that the administration only detects interventions when they receive a request and notice the problem. Boston and Crouse would like to be more proactive. «If things don`t coincide, we won`t give a certificate,» Boston said.

«Now everyone is excited. Some go politically and say that we choose them or that we are mean. Eliminating an intervention costs money, as does an intervention agreement. Make sure the property you are selling is in compliance with the permits before it is put up for sale and certainly before signing an REPC. The contract says you sell the property «as seen.» This means that you cannot change the property after the contract is signed without the buyer`s consent and consent. For example, we had a vendor who had a small decorative fence at the front of their property that was entering the city property. The buyer refused permission to have the fence removed and it cost the seller several thousand dollars to obtain a containment agreement. The seller could have removed the fence in less than an hour if it had been made before the list of the property for sale or the signing of the contract. Minor interventions may normally remain in effect under an intervention contract, but the city may set conditions for future modifications. Fortunately, for most interventions, there are administrative processes that can be used to introduce compliance intervention.

To be eligible for an intervention contract, the intervention must comply with the city`s land use law. There is a procedure for the City of Edmonton to apply for an intervention contract. The city charges a registration fee, then an intervention fee plus GST, which I believe is about $500 plus total GST. My advice here was to require the seller to file the intervention request for the rear street fence with the city and to register this title intervention agreement so that it does not bother my client in the future. Traffic is generally required when it is a corner area or when the intervention is 0.5 metres or more in the urban landscape; However, there are exceptions based on each application. Typically, these interventions are innocent and come from homeowners who don`t know the exact location of their real estate line, Boston said. He gave the example of a person building a fence that could enter the city property or block the view of a crossroads in front of him. Title insurance also allows closure when there are known defects, which the parties simply want to postpone instead of drawing the municipality`s attention to this point.

For example, we recently looked at a house where a small decorative fence invaded the urban lot.