For cities that receive electricity not billed by ComEd, the deductible fees charged to taxpayers are determined on the basis of a percentage representing the value of unbilled electricity made available to a municipality, divided by the total electricity bills to small customers and suppliers of the municipality. Prices vary by city and range from 0% to 9.9%, according to the latest free-to-air fee supplement comed to the Illinois Trade Commission. Moreover, even future municipalities have little incentive to switch to cleaner energy sources for many buildings, which would require significant preliminary investments, such as buying and installing solar modules or re-injecting resources to negotiate with new energy suppliers. Through its deferred prosecution agreement with prosecutors — essentially a regulation of the criminal procedure for food — «gives, accepts and acknowledges that it is responsible» for the bribery program implemented by its employees. The current agreement, concluded in 1992, expires on 31 December, although its terms last until a new agreement is in force or until one of the parties announces its intention to withdraw. It is not clear whether the city will require additional information from the company to allay concerns about its lobbying activities. While Lightfoot said earlier that ComEd should publicly answer for any wrongdoing that put him in the spotlight of federal investigators, Reynolds says it`s «too early» to say whether they`re keeping their feet in the firing of the franchise agreement. In a statement, Lightfoot tried to divert attention from a municipal plant`s initiative to negotiate a new franchise agreement with ComEd, which has been going on for nearly a year. Lightfoot ended these negotiations after the revelation of the bribery scandal and the federal criminal charge. Reynolds said the city hall had been announced since it suspended «further franchise contract negotiations» with the utility so the city could review its options. Many disputes between franchisees and franchisors involve allegations that the franchisor did not disclose the information required by FTC rules. Other common disputes include non-payment of fees required under the franchise agreement, abuse of intellectual property and various violations of contractual rights. Our franchise litigation lawyers can help Chicago clients navigate.

«I think there are a lot of questions ComEd has to answer before we let go of a franchise renewal,» Lightfoot said.